About this Project

This page is the first stage of a project for a digital humanities course led by Dr. Eaket at The University of Georgia.

The goal of this particular stage of the project is to learn to use textual analysis tools and apply them to the work of a particular poet, a “distant reading.” As part of this project, we are also looking at applying this method of distant reading to a larger corpus of Frank O’Hara’s poetry analyzed longitudinally to, hopefully, find some indication of patterns and changes occurring across his body of work over time.

Along with this, we are creating a prototype of what Cameron Blevins calls a “middle reading” in which contextual and interpretative information can be provided to the reader without taking them away from the text itself.

Frank O’Hara’s poem, “For the Chinese New Year & for Bill Berkson” serves as the introductory piece, being long enough to get some prototype data on usage and concordance, but not so long I was going to get carpal tunnels transcribing it. Information includes relevant context, close readings, and some Pop-Up Video style trivia — after all, Frank O’Hara shows us that a love for the high arts does not exclude an appreciation of the trivial!

I hope you enjoy your experience with our prototype site.

Coding and Layout by Emily Jones

Text, analysis, and Digress.it site by Karl Mohn


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